Love lachania rhodes greece

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Handmade products, souvenirs and tourist gifts Lachania, Rhodes Greece.

What Makes
Us Unique

Effie Mav Tselekidis is a very talented artist. Growing up in South Australia as a second-generation Greek/Australian, I’ve always cherished my Greek heritage,.

Motivated by my love for Lachania and a desire to enhance its offerings, I’ve launched “Love Lachania,” a venture that I’m very passionate about providing services, and fostering community connections. Through our website, we aim to showcase the village’s attractions, accommodations, and events while offering my mural painting services during the winter months.

I also sell my hand made souvenirs and gifts, as well as personally curating amazing local products. Come visit my shop and enjoy everything I have on offer.

Love lachania rhodes greece

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Shortly you will be able to shop all our unique and amazing local products online with shipping options to suit.

Check back shortly as we will be going live in the coming weeks.

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What to do while visiting Lachania

Here you will find the many things you can enjoy while visiting Lachania.